Comic Company closed on Friday 17th January 2020 · Find out more


Hello, everyone

As you may know, Comic Company is now CLOSED. (We shut on Jan 17th after nearly 30 years.)

A number of disappointed customers have asked if they can still purchase our large Eatwell Guide floorgames.

And the answer is YES, for a limited time.

But you can no longer buy direct from this site. Please email us to discuss your requirements

It will also be possible to buy some of our leaflets, postcards and A4 info and educational quiz sheets - minimum order 1000 copies (20 packs).

All of these resources will be at their regular prices:
e.g. Eatwell floorgames and cards: £50 (+ p&p +vat).
e.g. Postcards: £5.50 per pack of 50 (20 packs = £110+p&p+vat).
e.g. Leaflets: (according to size) 14p to 30p each (20 packs = £140 to £300+p&p).

We hope this is helpful for customers who were about to purchase resources, not knowing that we were closing.

Very best wishes

Comic Company
Philip Boys
Corinne Pearlman
Maggie Jee