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NEW! Eatwell Guide -


- It's now called the "EATWELL GUIDE".

- The central image now only shows foods that are recommended for a healthy diet.

- Foods and drinks that were in the "High fat, sugar, or salt " group that are not an essential part of a healthy diet (such as crisps, cakes and sweets) have now been moved off the central image to bottom left.

- Oils and fats that are needed in a healthy diet in small amounts have their own new slice, and are pictured bottom right.

- The proportions of the "Fruit and Veg" group and the "Potatoes ...and other starchy carbohydrates" group have increased a little.

- The proportion of the "Dairy and alternatives" group has decreased a little.

- The names of some of the food groups have been slightly altered.

- Colours have changed slightly.

- Added to the page but outside the central image are recommendations for fluid intake, recommendations for total daily calorie intake, and a sample packaged food label.

You can find out more about the differences between the Eatwell Guide and the Eatwell Plate, and the reasons for the changes, in a leaflet produced by Public Health England (Eatwell_guide_whats_changed_and_why_2016.pdf). Click on this link to download a copy.

And find out more about the new Eatwell Guide in this leaflet produced by Public Health England (EATWELL_GUIDE_2016.pdf). Click on this link to download a copy.


In practice the differences are not huge, and the Eatwell Plate can still be used to help everyone understand what's in each of the major food groups. Indeed, comparing the two versions could be a good source of discussion and increased understanding.

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